“But surely we should mourn if we put our elderly and our children in “care” of steel objects animated by software because we, the richest society globally the world has ever seen, with so much abundance of wealth that there are persistent asset bubbles—indicating piles of wealth looking for something anything to invest in—as well as hundreds of millions, if not billions, of under and unemployed people around the world looking for a way to make a living in a meaningful way, cannot bring together the political will to remain human through taking care of each other.”

Failing the Third Machine Age: When Robots Come for Grandma

“For this is the truth that we are now facing. For all of its democratizing power, the Internet, in its current form, has simply replaced the old boss with a new boss. And these new bosses have market power that, in time, will be vastly larger than that of the old boss.”


“think of the Obama campaigns of 2008 and 2012—followed at most by trickles of change. All this confirms the suspicion that government is always ineffective, that politics is a show of empty gestures and hollow promises. That kind of cynicism doesn’t make politics less engaging; it just makes it less consequential. Politics becomes a form of middle-class entertainment: a highbrow soap opera, sports for nerds, Hollywood for ugly people. This kind of politics could never produce a constructive engagement with America’s biggest problems.”

Time Bomb

“If we have optimism, but we don’t have empathy—then it doesn’t matter how much we master the secrets of science, we’re not really solving problems; we’re just working on puzzles.”

Melinda Gates (via soxiam)